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WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management System in the world. We provide training to all our clients in using WordPress so clients have the choice of keeping up their website themselves, or leaving all to us. There are literally thousands and thousands of WordPress themes to choose from. There are hundreds upon hundreds of configurations which can turn your site into any specialized business site for any field from hospitality, to fitness, to photography, to full scale shopping mall. WordPress can do it all.  Freedom of Choice–our slogan.

Our Specialty

Other than regular blogs, which we can certainly do well, our specialty is making both websites, and a web presence (social media management) for bars, restaurants, pubs, or any other small business in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. (Bilingual sites are also available. You can have the content translated yourself, or we can help find a translator.) Many if not most of the foreign owned small businesses in Asia are bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, language schools, etc. We here at Jayu have a long history in Asia.  Naturally we can make a website for anyone, anywhere in the world but our marketing expertise lies in the countries listed above.

Low Cost

A custom built site from the ground up (bespoke design) can costs thousands upon thousands of dollars. We were quoted $10,000 from a Korean developer one time for a really basic jobs site. Later, we found a WordPress theme designed specifically for job websites and it only cost around $600 to fully implement and maintain. Many top web design firms who specialize bespoke designs for large businesses have prices that start at $35,000.

WordPress is the way to go.


We can build your site, host it, maintain it, and keep it secure. We will back it up daily, and email you the backups. If you decide not to host with us, we can build you a site, then upload it to your hosting in no time. We offer full time support, and free WordPress training. We would need a full consultation to quote an accurate price because there are so many variables and each client has unique requirements. We can say however, that our prices start not at $35,000 but more in the range of $350.

Social Media Management

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the like have become crucial marketing tools. You need these in addition to your website. If you do not have time to constantly update and respond to your customers, we offer services to do all of this for you, including setup, design, and daily postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and more. Email marketing such as newsletters are very effective, and we can certainly set those up and manage them for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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