How to set up the KEB (Korea Exchange Bank) Smartphone App

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If you have transferred money from one bank to another in Korea, you know that it can be a pain because of the three-step verification system in place here.

In light of the Sony hacking recently, maybe we shouldn’t complain and just embrace it as necessary in our increasingly hacked world. One way to alleviate some of the hassle is to simply go with a banking app.

I’m not aware of any others in Korea which are in English besides the KEB one. The desktop version of internet banking for KEB is also outstanding. You may want to seriously consider changing banks. (See another article on KEB here.)

1. Head to the branch nearest you and open an account. You’ll need your ARC and passport to do this. Tell them you need internet banking, and you should sign up for SMS service for all your banking. It’s cheap and well worth it. You’ll get an SMS for every transfer both in and out, and for every account including your credit card.

2. Head to your app store whether it be Google play or iTunes. Find ‘KEB Global Banking.’ The app will automatically install Ahn Lab’s ‘V3’ antivirus on your phone. Note: If you’re using ‘Where’s my Droid’ app, the V3 may erase it. V3 might find an app or two of yours which presents a security risk and let you know. You have to make a choice.

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Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can log in with your user name and password for your DESKTOP account. It’s the same. You will be able to check your account from here but you will not, however, be able to transfer any money until you import your certificate. They use the term ‘bring over’ in the bank instructions. The English is not perfect in these instructions, but it’s understandable.

To the right is the home screen. Depending which button you push first, you may be prompted quickly to ‘bring over’ your certificate. This means import it from your account, and you do this on the desktop.

First step is to be at your desktop and be logged in to your account. Keep an eye on the timer in the upper left for if it runs out, you’ll be automatically logged out. You can reset it. Click on ‘customer’, then ‘certificate center.’

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Click on ‘Certification Center.’ You should now also be logged in to your KEB account on your desktop. Then click on ‘Bring Certificate.’

On your desktop, you’ll find ‘Digital Certificates’ under the login area in the upper left. Click that, and find your list of available certificates. Click on the blue link that says, “Exchange Certificate with Smart Device.”

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You will see a 16 digit number on your phone. You need to put this in your PC. It’ll ask you for your certificate password as well.

Right: Choose your device, and choose “KEB Global Banking” as this is our app. Then ‘Go’. At the next screen, ‘Send’.

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Congrats! Hopefully you’ve made it without any glitches. Now you’ll be prompted to log in with your certificate password when you want to transfer. You’ll also need your bank security card with the numbers on it. Keep both of these secure! If you don’t have the card, you cannot transfer.

To make a transfer, fill in the information and SWIPE UP. The next button is below.

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Your frequently used accounts are up here. They work very well. Don’t forget to swipe up to find the buttons at the bottom, then enter your card numbers carefully.

If you have SMS service for all your banking, and you most certainly should, you’ll complete the transfer and get an SMS at the same time. Finishee.

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