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New WP Themes for your School, Business, Church, or Band

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WordPress is ever growing and growing in functionality.  A ‘theme’ is basically a template filled in with different businesses and website purposes built in. This is beneficial to the customer because most of the work is already done. Theme developers create fantastic templates and sell them individually. These themes greatly reduce the cost of a website from thousands of dollars, to (low) hundreds of dollars.

We here at Jayu Web Design can help you choose a theme, install it, tweak it with your information and images, provide hosting, a domain name, and maintenance.

Below we will show you several new themes, each having been designed with a specific purpose in mind. Just imagine all your own images, text, and logos in these sample themes. Each image is linked to the full demo site of the theme. Click on the image to fully test out the theme, then come back here and click another image.

Education Theme

This can be used for anything from a language school, to elementary school, high school, or university.



Many churches have or need a website these days for various reasons, including timetables, upcoming events, etc.


Food Truck!

Yes, there’s even a theme for the ever popular food truck. In Korea, food trucks will grow in number as most of the restrictions were supposed to have been lifted. Why not advertise with a nice website? This can also be used as a bar / grill theme for a stationary place. 🙂

food truck


Full Restaurant

This gorgeous theme speaks for itself. Note: Food images are tough to light. If you’re interested in a restaurant website, please get help from a pro photographer for the food images. You won’t regret it.


Smartphone Apps Theme

Keeping up with the times, the theme developers have created a great theme for all the new mobile app developers out there.  You guys are busy developing your new super app, so why waste time doing a website yourselves? Let us help.

app theme



Who doesn’t like music? There are a ton of great bands in Korea. Why not let us help you get the word out. Coupled with a Facebook page, which we can also help you with, this theme would work wonders.


There are many other themes including ones for a spa, a personal wedding,  a gym, and an auto / motorcycle shop. If you’re interested in a website, please fill out the questionnaire here. We will be in touch directly. Summer sale is the theme of your choice, installation, tweaking with your images and text, domain name, and 1 year of hosting for only. KRW 300,000. Our communications will be over email, and Skype.