sharingThose ubiquitous sharing buttons. We see them everywhere we look these days. Sharing is everywhere. Your website should be no exception as social media is just as important as your website.

If you want your website to have a good rank in search engines such as Google and Bing, you’ll need to have social media accounts set up, and you’ll need to link your accounts to your website via these buttons. Otherwise, you may waiting months for your site to show up on Google.

Google’s algorithm

Google likes for it’s users to have a good ‘experience’ when surfing the web. In the past, when you searched for ‘dog kennels’ for example, the first page would be littered with spammy sites from people who were manipulating the key words. They’d do this so you’d click on their site, and more often than not, they’d have poor content. But there would be ADS on that site pointing you to better content. They’d make money from your clicks. This was called ‘Internet Marketing’. No more.

Google updated the algorithm to include ‘engagement’. This means if a bunch of Facebook users have ‘liked’ your Facebook page, which you have already set up, then that must mean you have good content on your site. If you have many Google Plus followers, you really have something to offer. Google figures all of these factors into the algorithm. The more engagement, the better your site must be in their eyes. Your site will start go higher and higher in page rank the more engagement you have. It keeps you honest, so to speak, and everyone gets a good experience.

WordPress is great for this!

WordPress was designed from the ground up to be share friendly, especially in blog posts. It came out a year before Facebook even showed up, so WordPress had a system of RSS feeds built in so people could subscribe at least to your blog. Facebook changed all that and social media sharing was born.

Social Media is ever evolving and so is WordPress

Another great thing about using a CMS such as WordPress is that it is constantly improving and updating. It keeps up very well with the major social media players in software improvements, compatibility and more. WordPress updates are always free, as is WordPress itself. It is much more difficult (and really expensive) to keep your site updated with a bespoke design.

Jayu Web Design Offers Social Media Management Services

If you run a business, you most likely at least have a Facebook business page.  It takes up a lot of your time, does it not? You’ll also need to have a Twitter account, and maybe a few more social media platforms depending on which business you’re in. It is not difficult to set these platforms up, but each one has its own learning curve and it is surely time consuming.