wordpress.transparent.575x575The number one FAQ usually is “How is WordPress different from any other site?”

First of all we have to look at websites in general. There are three things one should consider:

a. How was it built?
b. How to change content around, i.e, changing images, text, etc.
c. Where does the site live? Which server is it sitting on?

Let’s start with how it’s built. Every website is nothing but a bunch of code. If you’re using either Chrome browser or Firefox, you can right click on any website and a menu will pop up. If you choose ‘view page source’ you will see something like this:

computer code

Any coder will know what all of that means, and any coder can change it around to make the front of the site look different. Computer programmers, now called ‘developers’ use the term ‘bespoke design’ to refer to a custom coded site from the ground up, using no CMS.

In order to change anything on the front of the site, developers must go into the code and manipulate it line by line on a ‘bespoke’ designed website. They are ‘managing the content’ by manipulating its code line by line.


Manipulating code is extremely difficult for the average person so a ‘CMS’ was invented. This stands for Content Management System. This type of system allows a less skilled person to manage content on a website. It groups the content into folders, organizes it, and creates sections and images to help visualize it. This alleviates the problem of having to manipulate code line by line. WordPress is a CMS. There are others, but WordPress is the most popular, the easiest to use, and is upgraded yearly.

Some sites cannot have a CMS.

Many sites do not have a CMS because their function is unique. For example, sites like Facebook, do not use a CMS because no one else will ever have to change anything on that site except their team of developers.

Any website, blog or not can be a bespoke designed site. Most of them however, either have a team of developers on constant call, or the client pays for all the changes piecemeal. The main point is that developers have to make even a simple text change on a bespoke site.

CMS (Content management systems) give the average user the ability to control their site.

The above image of code is what a website looks like without a CMS, and below is the same site with a WordPress CMS:



Finally, where is the site stored?


Unless you run your own web server at home, your website must live on a ‘host,’ or web hosting company’s server.

It’s an extremely competitive market and it takes a lot of research to find a reliable web host.

A good web host will provide you with a control panel for your website. For example, you may have more than one website on their server, and you need to be able to control all of them. The control panel is called “CPanel” and it looks like this:

bluehost cpanel


There are various levels of efficiency for your server. If you have just a simple website or two with less than 1000 daily users for example, you can get by with the basic web hosting package, on a shared server.

Of course you may get an upgraded, faster server such as VPS, or Virtual Private Server, or a dedicated server, which is the entire box all to yourself. These are expensive.

In conclusion:

Here at Jayu Web Design we use a VPS server from Bluehost, one of the top rated web hosting companies out there. You have the choice of hosting with us, and by ‘us’ we mean at Bluehost VPS, or you can use your own host.

In addition, you have the choice of using WordPress as your site’s CMS, or you can choose a bespoke design (at a much greater cost). We do not do sites with other CMS’s such as Drupal or Joomla. We feel WordPress is by far the superior product.

You may also choose to learn WordPress on your own and simply have us help you set it up. Most people, however, are busy running their own lives and businesses and simply choose to have Jayu Web Design take care of it all, economically, and professionally.

“Jayu” means ‘freedom’ in Korean–hence our slogan is ‘Freedom of Choice’. It’s all yours.