Frequently Asked Questions

The most important questions for anybody looking for a website are of course ‘How much?’ and ‘How long will it take?’

However, websites really do vary greatly. For example, if you wanted a simple static website for your business such as a storefront style with no shopping cart, the price would be a lot lower than say, a membership website where you’re going to have thousands of users. You might want the simplest of blogs, or a full fledged multi-site each with its own shopping mall. The variations are too vast to quote a price without a consultation.

What we can say, however, is that basic sites with full hosting and support start roughly at $350. Support packages are available from zero, meaning you are WordPress savvy and merely want us to set up your theme, to full support, where we do everything.

Lead Time

“Lead Time,” or time to complete a project depends on two factors, our workload here a Jayu Web Design, and the amount of time it takes you,  the client, to provide us with the images and any content we may need.

If we have all the images we need and you’ve provided us with enough content (text) to get started, the site can up in as little as ten days.


How do we stay in touch? Do we just exchange files and text over email?

Email inboxes can become quite bloated and content can be easily missed or lost. We like to use a new app called ‘Slack.’ This is free and is ubiquitous over all devices, and syncs automatically. With it we can share just about anything, and it allows ‘channels’ or categories in which we can place content by category. Nothing gets lost.

For contracts and invoices, we provide you with a user name and password to log in on this site. You may also pay invoices with PayPal directly from your private and secure page after logging in.

For face to face communication of course we can use Skype or Google Hangouts at any time.

What about Bilingual Sites?

We certainly can do bilingual sites but the translations are up to you. If you need a translation service, we can have all of it done for you through a third party service. You then send the text to us, and we put it up.

Site Admin area: WordPress 4.1 has added the great feature of language selection in the back, or admin area of WordPress. This means if you have someone who speaks another language who you want to use your site for posting or other admin duties, they can switch it to their language while working on the site, and you can then go in and switch it back to English when you need to.

Where are you located?

We are from the U.S., but based out of South Korea. Our time zone is Seoul / Tokyo, or UTC+9. We can develop a site for anyone or any market, but have marketing expertise in South Korea / Japan in the hospitality industry, education and language school market, and more.

For any other questions, please fill out the consult form and we’ll be directly in touch.

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1. Are you in the Tokyo / Seoul time zone? (UTC+9)

2. What kind of website are you interested in?

3. Will you be selling anything on your site?

4. How familiar are you with WordPress?

5. We offer VPS hosting. Would you like to host with us or use your own hosting?

6. Will you be doing the administration of the site yourself, or would you like us to do it? Keep in mind, we also offer free WordPress training and different different levels of support packages.

7. Any website requires high quality images. The client, you, are mostly responsible for providing these images. Would you be able to supply the images in a timely manner? Most smart phones are capable of high resolution images.The failure to provide or allow us to purchase the images for you would result in delays of the site's completion. (Press 'control' and click to select more than one.)

8. We are also a social media management company. We could implement, design or re-design any social media platform for you. We could also set up your accounts to post automatically. We could post for you and / or set up newsletter or email advertising campaigns. Would you be interested in this?

9. If you choose to work with us, we'd like to set up a Skype meeting and clear up additional questions face to face. Would you be willing to set up Skype meeting?

10. Feel Free to ask any other questions in the field below.

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